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Change of venue for Trivia Night!

It will be just as fun 'cause you will be there!

Owing to circumstances beyond the Club's control, the original event venue (The Garlic King) is no longer available. The event will now be held at the Pineview Golf Course, 1471 Blair Road. This is right off Highway 17, south at the Blair Street exit.

The good news is that there will now be a bar at the venue, a little more space for the tables and plenty of free parking. The bad news is that all players will have to eat before the event, as there is no restaurant at the venue. The price, times and other details are all the same. Current ticket holders do not need to change tickets.

Seating will begin at 6:30 and the action will begin 7:00 p.m.

Thanks for your continuing support.

Kin Club of Orleans

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